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Presenting his mini illusion show. No silly picture tricks or uncle Johnny style routines here but wicked effects which would grace an adult audience whilst being aimed at their age group, that will have them asking for more!

A very popular section for eight years and above is the workshop where they all learn to perform their own magic effects from a specially selected programme. This can either be part of the show or booked as a separate feature.

WizzBang will start with a short warm up session of close up magic for them all to enjoy. Then they see him perform several additional routines before he carefully takes each apart explaining the workings step by step whilst encouraging the youngsters with their learning abilities.

To make sure they don’t forget what to do and to help them get the most out of the time spent together they each receive an instruction sheet and the equipment to take home, so they can latter entertain their friends and relatives with their new skills.

Alternative programme of a balloon modelling workshop is available where not only will they learn to make the models but they all take their colourful creations home.

This programme is ideal both for schools as a break from the normal curriculum and at parties where they require more than the show.

Although I normally avoid having a limit on numbers I do suggest that for the workshops a maximum total of 30 so they can all get to benefit from the hands on experience

Smelly Socks? Older Childrens birthday parties 7- 9 years  

Childrens parties  3 - 6 years

Special Events, Weddings, Olympic

Games with the parachute, limbo dancing and team contests

Magic  like ‘Pull apart the Teacher’ , chopping off a finger, effects that wind up the children!

Older children can take part in a comedy hands on contest to see who can make the best balloon model.

Special  Events

WizzBang is experienced in providing Magic and balloon entertainment at shopping centres, restaurants, galas, parties and lots more events. We can also provide a team of professional twisters for large events, to ensure everyone goes home happy with something to remind them of your special day!

Olympics? It’s amazing just how many different events there are, that are perfect for magical entertainment. Maybe it’s a christening, a family gathering, a store opening, a Street party, village fete . What ever the function WizzBang are a great choice of entertainers at your special event.

You can also experience the fun of twisting for yourself by booking WizzBang to come along and show your group how to master the art of balloon modelling. You can learn anything from swords and flower to  cats & dogs !!!

This type of workshop is suitable for schools, scouts, youth clubs and other events. Please ask us about balloon modelling workshops if you are interested in this idea.

Workshops, learn magic tricks or balloon modelling

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