Childrens Party Entertainers And Kids Magician

Wizzbang Entertainers in Torbay, Devon. TQ1 3HL  area

Pre Schools and Nurseries

Shows are ideally kept to about 45 minutes packed full of fun.

For young children WizzBang will quite often sit on the floor or if available a chair so they don’t feel frightened by his height therefore making them feel that much more comfortable and important. WizzBang are dressed in a silly way, like a clown but without the makeup.

Simple musical games having pass the parcel and musical bumps that bring loads of similes and laughter to the young faces as even the very shy are gently encouraged to join in, some often sitting on their mums/dads laps.

For this early year age group WizzBang keeps the entertainment easy to follow with plots that involves colour and actions to generate their imaginations.

Balloon modelling can be fun for all ages especially for younger parties where the children enjoy both the bright colours and creative models.

Like all of WizzBang packages everything comes complete including prizes, special balloon models and simple models for everyone else saving you time and worry. When ever needed he will be quite happy to advise on not only the best possible package but also at early year with anything else that may concern you regarding the party.

Friendly Puppets, a Seal or a Flamingo

Then it’s into the magic with the wibbly wobbly wands, the magician getting it wrong but luckily the children are there to help the magic happen. Slippery the Seal puppet helps with the magic.

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